Dr. Smith is obsessive when it comes to his cosmetic work, because cosmetically perfect teeth need attention to smallest details. Dr. Smith will not let his patients leave his office until they have their perfect smile.

When it comes to front teeth, Dr. Smith never tries to match the shade of the patient’s teeth in his office. The patient goes directly to the dental lab to have photographs of their teeth taken. You can talk to Dr. Smith’s lab technician personally about the shape and contours of your ideal smile. Some patients even bring in pictures of smiles they see in magazines. Dr. Smith uses the best lab in Fresno to make sure that the final result is exactly what the patient wants it to be. Even after that, he won’t bond the final product on until you have seen it in many different lights. All of his patients go outside in the natural light to look at their new smile before the final teeth are bonded on to make sure that it looks perfect in outside as inside atmospheres.

One of his main goals is to make sure that your perfect smile looks natural. Dr. Smith wants your smile to look clean, white and natural. In addition to the photos on this website, there are many examples of Dr. Smith’s working walking around in his office, as he done cosmetic work on some of his staff.

This type of work is can be pricey, but like everything else in his office, he gives the best care at the lowest price possible. Since he does so much cosmetic work he is able to get his lab to reduce its fee. Of course, the savings are passed on to you.