Meet Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith graduated from UCLA dental school Omicron Kappa Upsilon (the highest honors) in 1999. After working for other dentists in the Central Valley for a few years, he bought the practice of Dr. Garth Schmidt, a retiring dentist, in 2001. Now that he owns his own practice, Dr. Smith continues to enjoy working hard and pursuing the highest level of dental training for himself and his staff. As the technology for sedating dental patients has advanced, Dr. Smith has kept his office and staff at the top of this special service. Sedation dentistry is particularly rewarding for Dr. Smith because his father was an anesthesiologist and the two love to talk about the topic of sedation. Dr. Smith also loves that he can bring the highest quality, safest sedation dentistry to Fresno.

Fresno dentist Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith and his wife enjoy living in Fresno where they are raising their three boys. They are active members at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. Dr. Smith enjoys tennis and other sports in his spare time.

Meet Our Team

The Hygienists
Dr. Smith takes great pride in his hygiene department.  It is a very personal relationship between the patient and the hygienist, especially for our patients that do not love going to the dentist.  These five women, Lisa, Bobette, Aong, Ashley and Kathy have a professionalism and passion for their work that is unmatched.  And like everyone that works at Smith Sedation Dentistry, they are committed to always making sure that you are comfortable and relaxed.

Sedation Coordinator
Melissa hates going to dentist as much as any of Dr. Smith’s sedation patients so she is perfect for talking to patients about sedation dentistry.  She has a very warm and comfortable way of talking to people about their fears and helping them get over them.  So if you are scared of the dentist and just want to talk to someone who can make you feel better, call and ask for her.  She really can help .

Dental Assistants
Our team of dental assistants consists of Rosa, Nicole, Desiree, Charlyn, Cassie and Tracie.  This group of ladies is dedicated to keeping you as comfortable as possible.  All of them are excellent care givers and will make your visit as calm as possible.

Extended Functions Assistant
Joni Biggerstaff is basically like a nurse practitioner for dentists.  She has taken over 800 hours of training to help Dr. Smith with many of his procedures.  Joni specializes in dentures and fillings.  She has a very caring manner that soothes anxious patients.

Nurse Anesthetist
Heather has been performing general anesthesia and conscious sedation for over 30 years.  Her focus is on special needs patients, patients with substance abuse issues, and medically compromised patients.  She is an expert in her field and we are very lucky to have her.