Cosmetic Zirconium

If there is one change in technology that has revolutionized dentistry over the last few years, it is the creation of the cosmetic zirconium crown. There has always been a challenge in dentistry with the materials used for crowns. The extremely cosmetic materials required more grinding than more traditional crowns. While they looked beautiful, there was an increased chance of sensitivity and breakage. Cosmetic zirconium is as beautiful as anything made in Hollywood or Beverley Hills, but can be made extremely thin while maintaining the strength of gold

Digital X-Rays

There are many types of digital xrays on the market today. Dr. Smith chose the absolute top of the line, Dexis System for his office. He can blow up the images, zoom in on questionable areas, change the contrast and do measurements. All of these features help him diagnose with better accuracy to make sure that he is fixing the cavities that need to be fixed and not drilling on teeth unnecessarily.

3D Conebeam Technology

Conebeam technology gives a 3 dimensional image of the jawbone and nerve structures so that Doctor Smith can use the perfect sized implant and place it in the perfect position. Most offices charge a fee for the conebeam scan of up to $500. Dr. Smith does not charge for his scans. Whether you choose to do implants or not, Dr. Smith wants to have all the information available to find the best treatment for you.