Sedation Monitoring Equipment

Dr. Smith goes far above the suggested guidelines for monitoring his sedation patients. Because of his sophisticated monitoring equipment, Dr. Smith is much more aware of what is going on with his patients during their sedation. He uses pulse oximeter and blood pressure during sedation as required by law. But he also monitors end tital CO2 to monitor breathing rate, plethysmograph to monitor the heart function and average CO2 concentration to make sure that the lungs are functioning properly. Some say that this type of monitoring is unnecessary, but Dr. Smith believes the more information he has, the safer his patients will be.

CEREC - Same Day Dentistry

State of the art technology used to make permanent all porcelain crown and bridges. The advantage to cerec is the entire procedure is completed in one office visit. In most cases this means no impressions or temporaries. With Cerec we take images of your tooth or teeth using a special 3D camera. The images are then sent to the computer where your restoration is fabricated using computer aided design. Next, all of this information is sent to our in office milling machine. This is how your custom restoration is made and ready to cement in 1 day. Anxiety and Fear of another visit to complete the treatment is eliminated.

3-D Imaging

Dr. Smith is one of the few offices in Fresno that has it's own 3-D imaging machine. This machine is absolutely essential to safely place implants. Some patients are very bad candidates for implants due to the location of their sinuses or vital nerve structures. Dr. Smith will take a scan, measure the bone and give you an answer in minutes at no cost to you. In most offices, the patient sees the dentist, then goes to an imaging center, pays $400 for the scan, and then returns to the dentist only to be told that they are not a good candidate for implants. Having the machine in the office saves a lot of time and money for the patient.

Digital X-Rays

There are many types of digital xrays on the market today. Dr. Smith chose the absolute top of the line, Dexis System for his office. He can blow up the images, zoom in on questionable areas, change the contrast and do measurements. All of these features help him diagnose with better accuracy to make sure that he is fixing the cavities that need to be fixed and not drilling on teeth unnecessarily.