Dr. Smith believes that of all the advancements in modern dentistry, none is more important to his patients than dental implants. Before implants, we did not have good answers for problems of missing teeth, gum disease, or ill-fitting dentures. Often the “solution” only made things worse in the long run for the patient. Dr. Smith’s office in Fresno can take a bad situation and give a long lasting solution.

Like most things in Dr. Smith’s practice, technology has made things easier and more predictable. Dr. Smith is one of the only offices in Fresno that has a 3-D scanning machine. This scanning machine gives him critical information on the location of the nerves and sinuses. Dr. Smith uses this to measure the thickness and density of the bone and determine exactly where the best place to put the implant will be. The information also allows him to choose the ideal length and thickness of the implant. The few other dentists who have this technology charge their patients for the scans, but Dr. Smith does not. He knows this scan is the optimal, or best, diagnostic tool available so he will use it on every case and never charges his patients for the scan.

One of the major concerns that patients have with implants is cost. Giving free 3-D scanning is just one way Dr. Smith puts patient care before his costs. While dental implants themselves are still expensive, some dental insurance companies are covering them. Even without insurance, Dr. Smith is extremely proud of his prices. Why? The price for Dr. Smith’s services is significantly less than what is charged by other dentists. They may be the lowest in the Central Valley for the highest level of technology and care.

And, of course, with sedation dentistry, you can wake-up with your new implants without any trauma or stress.